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Our range of services to support those living with a disability

High Intensity Support

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Disability Support Work

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Positive Behavioural Support

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Short and Medium Term Accommodation

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Specialist Disability Accommodation

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Supported Independent Living

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The Myxa Approach

At Myxa our approach is deeply rooted in positivity and understanding, delivering customised services, ensuring each individuals choice and control.

Understanding complexity is our speciality. We are experts in breaking down complex cases to their simplest form to provide quality, individualised support to people across various ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Our values are based on the 3 R’s Principle. Reliable, Respectful and Responsive. These are more than just words, it is the Myxa foundation for trust and success.


We do not compromise on trust. We build our reliability through consistent, dependable care and support.


Treating all with respect is expected. We treat our participants and their families with the utmost dignity, upholding high standards in line with NDIS practices.


Efficiency and positivity is key to our approach. We commit to be swift and understanding, always prioritising the needs and concerns of our participant

Myxa Approach -Beyond Disability Support

Understanding complexity is our specialty. We see individuals, not diagnoses and specialise in supporting people with complex needs, whether they are mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities or high physical needs.

At Myxa, we go beyond traditional disability support. Our responsive and dedicated team, with expertise in mental health, psychology, nursing, and other related disciplines, break down complex cases to their simplest form to provide quality, holistic, individualised support to every participant.

Our comprehensive intake process

While intake processes are typically lengthy and complicated, ours is simple and easy for you as we take the hard work out of application, gathering information seamlessly and matching you with the perfect support team. This ensures you get the right support from the very beginning, not just any available option.

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Our Homes


Specialist Disability Accommodation

We will support you to be matched where you want to live with an accessible and comfortable home that promotes independence. Our SDA options range from group homes to self-contained apartments, all designed with your needs in mind.

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Supported Independent Living

Myxa Care understands that everyone should live in a home of their choice with the supports they need. Our Supported Independent Living service provides 24-hour support, 7 days a week, which includes overnight and daily living support tasks.

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